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Zelite Polyethylene Tubing

Zelite® polyethylene tubing conforms to the applicable regulations of the FDA for use in articles intended for contact with food.

Polyethylene tubing is a flexible, lightweight, and exceptionally durable tubing solution that is ideal for use in a broad range of applications involving liquid and gas fluid transfer. Its inertness allows it to be effectively used to safely transfer a vast array of chemicals, fluids, and materials. Because of the chemical inertness, the polyethylene tubing forms a good barrier to gases, vapors, and moisture. Zelite® polyethylene tubing features a specific linear low-density polyethylene formulation, also known as LLDPE, compared simply to low-density polyethylene (LDPE tubing).

Made from 100% virgin grade raw materials, this polyethylene tubing also known as PE tubing conforms to FDA regulations for use in installations for commercial or industrial food delivery systems and machinery. Polyethylene tubing has a maximum operating range of 140°F or 60°C and various burst rates from 180 PSI to 540 PSI depending on the tubing purchased. Nelco Products offers the Polyethylene tubing in a translucent natural color with an inter-diameter size ranging from .170 to 1 1/2 inches. Nelco Products also offers a smaller selection in opaque colors: black; yellow; red; green; and blue. 

Exceptionally versatile, durable, and ideal for use in a wide assortment of applications, polyethylene tubing features include:

  • Linear Low Density (LLDPE) formulations; also available in Low Density formulation (LDPE tubing)
  • Polyethylene tubing made from non-toxic ingredients conforming to FDA standards
  • Does not impart a taste or odor
  • Polyethylene tubes are flexible, lightweight and highly durable
  • Available in translucent natural or opaque colors
  • Made from 100% virgin grade raw materials
  • Good dielectric properties
  • Low density Polyethylene tube is listed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF 51)
  • Linear Low Density Polyethylene tubing offers enhanced resistance to stress cracking
  • Chemically inert; forms a good barrier to gases, vapors, and moisture
  • Limited tubing stock availability; lead times and minimums may apply – call for details.

Common Polyethylene Tubing Uses Include:

  • Air Lines
  • Chemical Lines
  • Wire Jacketing
  • Fluid Lines
  • Food & Beverage
  • Hospital Uses
  • Instrumentation
  • Laboratory Uses
  • OEM Large Machines
  • Spacers
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