Heat Shrink Tubing

Adhesive-lined Semi-Rigid Polyolefin Tubing-4:1

NP-421 offers superb, unbeatable environmental protection and is ideal for a wide range of electrical wiring applications including wire splices, wire bundles and harness breakouts. Polyolefin heat shrink tubing provides a quick, easy and highly efficient protection solution against a variety of harsh environments for automotive, truck and marine wire splices, harness breakouts, and more.

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Adhesive-lined Semi-Rigid Polyolefin Tubing-4:1

  1. Black (4)
Nominal Size BEFORE Shrinkage
Recovered Wall Thickness (Nominal)
  1. .060 in. 1.52 mm (2)
  2. .080 in. 2.03 mm (1)
  3. .043 in. 1.09 mm (1)
Shrink Ratio
  1. 4:1 (4)

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Additional Information

The heat shrink tubing shown on this page is semi-​rigid meaning that once the tubing has been shrunk, it loses its flexibility making it hard to bend or twist. It has a shrink ratio of 4 to 1 when heated to a temperature of 250°F (121°C) or above.

Key Features

  • Corrosive resistance: good
  • Resistance to fuels and oils: good
  • Resistance to fungus: excellent

Distinctive Characteristics of Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing 4:1 Semi-rigid adhesive lined

  • Minimum shrink temperature: 250°F (121°C)
  • Flammability: self extinguishing
  • Specific gravity: 1.25