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Flag Cable Ties (18 lb) - 4 Inch
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Write-On Flag Tie Markers/Wire Ties

Write-on wire ties are the perfect solution for a wide variety of electrical wire marking, cable labeling and identification applications for your home or workplace. The white, epoxy-based write-on area on these writes-on wire ties is a permanent part of the tag and will never rub off, even in the most extreme conditions. These writes-on flag tie markers have tags that are ideal for marking and identifying wires, cables, pipes, valves, equipment, inventory and much more.

Our current inventory of write-on wire ties is offered in six different color options: blue, green, orange, red, yellow and ivory. The variety of colors offers a versatile array of color-coded cable and wire identification possibilities. These writes-on wire ties are also available in convenient 3" and 6" lengths.

The 3" mini write-on wire ties is ideal for identification applications where space is limited. Both the 6" and 3" write-on marker cable ties are made of a highly durable, UV-stabilized nylon co-polymer material and packaged in easily accessible bundles of 100.