Heat Shrink Tubing

Flexible Flame-Retardant Polyolefin Shrink Tubing-2:1

Flexible Flame-Retardant Polyolefin Shrink Tubing is flame-retardant, making it the ideal heat shrink tubing solution for custom fire-resistant coverings (or protection) of cable components and flammable wire assemblies. Flexible flame-retardant polyolefin shrink tubing is intended for use in UL, CSA and AMS-DTL-23053/5C cable and wiring applications. NP-221VW flexible polyolefin heat shrink tubing has a 2:1 shrink ratio and is available in Class 3 only.

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Additional Information

The number of environments you can use this Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing in is almost limitless because of its flexibility, flame retardancy, and its environmental temperature range.

Key Features

  • Shrink ratio: 2:1
  • Dielectric Strength (V-​mil): 900
  • Tensile Strength (PSI): 2400
  • Colors Available: White, gray, black, blue, green, brown, orange, red, violet, and yellow
  • Sizes Available: 4' foot lengths, 200' spool (standard length), and 100' spool
  • Flexibility Rating: 3

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Distinctive Characteristics of Polyolefin Flexible Flame Retardant Heat Shrink Tubing

  • Shrink Temperature: 212°F / 100°C
  • Environmental Operating Temperature: -67°F to 275°F / -55°C to +135°C
  • Flammability: Self-​Extinguish meets UL 224 VW-​1 Test
  • Applicable Specifications: AMS-​DTL-​23053/5C, Class 3; UL File E-​39100, VW-​1; CSA LR38227, OFT
  • Ultimate Elongation (%): 400
  • (+/- %) Longitudinal Change: +1, -10
  • Corrosive Effect: Non-​corrosive