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EMI Shielded Wrap Around Heat Shrink Tubing

This side entry heat shrink tubing makes it easy to repair damaged wire and cable insulation to in-service electrical systems. There is no need to remove or disassemble hardware or electrical connectors. Simply wrap the tubing over the wire or cable connection and use a standard heat gun to recover the material, as done with standard heat shrink material.

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EMI Shielded Wrap Around Heat Shrink Tubing

Shrink Ratio
  1. 1.125:1 (14)

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  • Excellent abrasion, environmental, chemical and electrical properties
  • Resistant to most oils, fluids, mild acids and alkalis
  • Side entry; no connector disconnects and no cable pull-through required


  • Shrink Temp:  90º C min.
  • Operating Temp:  -55º C to +135º C
  • Standard Lengths:  4 ft/spool
  • Flame Retardant:  UL 224