Using Heat Shrink Insulation Tape

Nelco offers a broad spectrum of professional tools and accessories for use in industrial and commercial applications. We can walk you through the benefits of zip ties, the wonders of PVC sleeving and why we can’t live without duct tape. But we’re especially impressed with adhesive heat shrink insulation tape.

Heat shrink insulation tape is the resource you need to repair electrical cables, wires, tubing, pipes and more. Apply heat sufficiently and the tape will shrink to about one-third its original size. Once cooled, this creates an airtight protective layer that provides needed defense against corrosives, weather and other risks. RoHS compliant, this unique sealant is being used by professionals for wire spliced connections that cannot be moved, or when regular heat shrink tubing cannot be applied. Use it to insulate breakage created by organic solvents or in systems that are showing unwanted wear and tear.

A high resistance capability makes this product perfect for use indoors and outdoors. Apply adhesive heat shrink insulation tape to the ends of protective sleeves that cover power cable joints. This operation can be performed without disconnecting the components and is an exemplary waterproofing treatment. This product is also a great solution for safeguarding bus bars in power stations and switchgear boards.

Durable and functional, heat shrink insulation tape is an effective maintenance and repair tool. It meets environmental standards and reinforces insulation. It will not come off with age or exposure to elements such as moisture. Of course, it’s not indestructible. Talk with an expert about your intended application so that you understand the limits of heat shrink tape before applying it to your projects. Temperatures in any environment are a critical factor. Chemical factories will have different requirements than a freezer used in meat packing. Heat shrink insulation tape can withstand a broad range of temperatures, but you don’t want to take chances with safety. Sometimes, replacing damaged components may be the smarter alternative to repairing them.

Heat shrink insulation tape is manufactured with a cross-linked polyolefin and an adhesive developed from environmentally responsible materials. Anti-corrosive, anti-abrasive, pipe sealing and waterproof, heat shrink insulation tape is the one you reach for to quickly repair materials suffering damage that could disrupt operations or create a hazardous situation.

Like we said, we know this stuff. Go ahead and test us. Give us a call and get the info you need. One of our techs will gladly talk your ear off. Or you could just put some adhesive heat shrink insulation tape in your cart today and be ready to safeguard your systems tomorrow.


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Cable Ties & the Manufacturing Industry

Cable ties are tailored for a wide array of applications. Their durability, flexibility and functionality ensures that toolkits in almost every industry will always have a bag or two.

Cable ties play a big part in the manufacturing industry. This is a supersector that is engaged in the physical, mechanical and chemical transformation of raw substances, materials and components into a finished product. These finished products may be used to create more products. Either way, manufacturing entails creating and getting products to consumers, whether individuals, corporations or other manufacturers.

It’s fascinating to note that in a world of complex processes that lead to everything from building aircraft to cutting meat, the simple cable tie is constantly in play. It remains, hands down, one of the most versatile tools in the world. You are as likely to find cable ties at NASA as in a fast food franchise.

Certain industries, like food production and pharmaceutical companies, do a lot of packing and shipping. This means their products may go through metal detectors or scanners looking for contraband, especially when shipped out of the country. Yet, these industries want to safeguard contents. It’s why you see a lot of packages sealed with metal detectable cable ties. They may also use a specific cable tie weight for easier management during transport. Shipments may be secured not just with cable ties, but metal detectable mounting pads to minimize movement and damage during transport. You’ll also find manufacturers making use of a stainless steel cable tie tool that simplifies installing and removing ties.

In fact, transportation is a major component of the manufacturing industry. Moving products is a 24/7 business and so is the use of cable ties. Of course, professionals have to take into account a range of conditions before choosing a cable tie. Perishables require a product that’s odorless and tasteless. Merchandise that needs to remain under a specific temperature — fish, vegetables, insulin — will need a cable tie fit for the situation. Fortunately, cable ties have a range of operating temperatures that will not have any impact on perishables.

Many manufacturing tasks are entrusted to the simple cable tie. Color-coded or tagged cable ties make locating, loading and unloading easier. Bundling and storing cables and wires minimizes the risk of accidents during operations, and securing shipments is a must in the industry.

We know. We’ve been successfully supplying the manufacturing industry with cable ties, mounts, cable tie guns and more for 30 years. For us, it’s all about making sure you have access to the most reliable products in one place.


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The Best Cable Tie Accessories are Right Here!

When it comes to cable ties, you want to use them effectively and efficiently. That means having all the right accessories to fill out your toolkit. If you’re not sure what that entails, you’ve come to the right place. Nelco is fully stocked, ensuring you have access to everything you’re ever going to need when it comes to cable ties. All you have to do is drop the right accessory into your shopping cart and get them shipped right to your door!

PEEK Cable Tie Mounts

PEEK cable ties are designed with a superior resistance profile and used where harsh conditions, such as heat and radiation, are a factor. These mounts make for quick and easy installation while retaining a high tensile strength and operating temperature performance.

Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts

With a twin strip design, these self-adhesive cable tie mounts will keep bundles where you want them in walls, ceilings and even floors (on or beneath). This ensures that not even the most raucous movement disturbs them.

Stainless Steel Cable Tie Tool

Did you think anyone could make installing a cable tie even easier? How about performing the function with a single hand? Stainless steel cable tie installation guns quickly fasten and cut off the excess tail with an adjustable bundling pressure. Its design is specifically for stainless steel cable ties.

Cable Tie Installation Tools

With one of these handy products, you will be ready to install and remove cable ties in a snap. Made from the highest quality materials, there are tools for managing lightweight ties, standard and extra heavy duty cable ties.

Cable Tag Identifiers

These ID cable ties have a nylon wire marker where information can be printed. They come in two sizes and natural colors, and are ready to be secured to bundles of almost any size, making later identification as easy as it gets.

Low Profile Mount

There are situations where needed elements, like drywall screws, may not stick out. This is where the low profile mount comes into play. Regardless of space limitation, the low profile mount will give you the flexibility to secure bundles as needed.

Molded Plastic Cable Clamps

Streamline management of wires and cables with these easy to use plastic cable clamps. They run in varying sizes to ensure you have the right resource for adhering bundles to walls, floors and beams safely.
Whether it’s heat shrink tubing, wire ducting or cable tie accessories, trust that we want to make sure you have all the information you need for making informed decisions about the next step in your project. Nelco has the products and the answers.


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