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Wire Loom Convoluted Tubing

Wire loom/convoluted tubing greatly reduces chances of damage during installation. It also delivers superior, dependable protection for valuable cable and wiring runs.

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Wire Loom Convoluted Tubing

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Wire Loom Convoluted Tubing (Split Wire Looms)

Nelco’s versatile wire loom/convoluted tubing offers a dependable, durable split loom tubing solution that is perfect for use in a wide variety of electrical cable, wiring, and home applications. The split loom is highly effective and extremely easy-to-install in virtually any environment, this plastic convoluted tubing provides a simple and efficient means of routing and protecting a wide range of cable/wire assemblies, and wire harnesses.

Ideal for use as a protective wire or cable sleeve, as well as a highly reliable electrical wire routing solution, this exceedingly resilient wire loom/convoluted tubing allows for a significant reduction in the chances of damage occurring during installation, while also providing a superior, consistent level of uncompromised protection for valuable cable and wiring runs. In the home, Nelco’s wire loom convoluted tubing it can be used to protect, hide, and organize wires and cables for home entertainment and computer systems. It can also be used in both the attic and crawl spaces to protect the exposed wiring and cables from damage by animals. Because the wiring is split, it allows for easy installation before or after the wiring has been installed. Standard wiring loom is split to allow for quick and easy wire insertion and access every time! Solid wire looms are also available upon request. Nelco’s split wiring is available in either a split or solid wire loom, sizes ¼” to 1 ½” in diameter, in black nylon or black polyethylene. Use in combination with Nelco’s cable ties1 and anchors to secure the tubing and wires together and in place. Nelco’s Convoluted tubing is available in bulk or loom lengths. Other diameter sizes are available through special order. Please contact your sales representative for information.