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Kynar® Very Flexible Polyvinylidene Fluoride Tubing-2:1

Kynar® Polyvinylidene Fluoride Shrink Tubing is an extremely flexible, transparent, flame retardant heat-​shrinkable tubing. It is tough and abrasion-​resistant in mechanical environments and has excellent resistance to solvents. Nelco Products shrink tubing shrink temperature is 194°F (90°C) with an indefinite storage life. It has the lowest shrink temperature and greatest flexibility of any Kynar-​type tubing available. This Very Flexible Polyvinylidene Fluoride Shrink Tubing has an operating temperature range of -55° C to +150° C.

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Kynar® Very Flexible Polyvinylidene Fluoride Tubing-2:1

Additional Information

Kynar Tubing - Modified Polyvinylidene Fluoride meets the requirements for SAE-​AMS-​DTL-​23053/8 and functional requirements of 23053/1B, Class 1*, AMS-​3532, UL Listed, UL File E-​39100, VW-​1, and CSA LR38227, OFT. With excellent fuel and oil resistances along with its non-​corrosive exterior, this Kynar heat shrink tubing has a 2:1 shrink ratio when heated to a temperature above 347°F (175°C). The environmental operating temperature of this 3/64 modified Polyvinylidene Fluoride is -67°F to 347°F (-55°C to 175°C). This product is available in clear only.