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Ski Ties/Security Ties

Our single-use, tamper-evident nylon security ties are commonly used to form a secure loop to attach an identifying tag to an item (example: a lift ticket to a ski garment).

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Ski Ties/Security Ties

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Ski Ties / Security Ties
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Ski Ties/Security Ties

These high quality security zip ties are a simple and affordable alternative to metal wickets. Perfect for use in your home or workplace, our security tie products come in packages of 1000 and have a capability of holding up to 30 lbs.

Our single-use nylon cable ties are tamper-evident. When fastened, these top security zip ties form a secure loop to attach a lift ticket to an important garment. These fixed-length ties are also ideal for securing tote-boxes, as well as many other security applications. Their easy installation makes them one of our ideal tools for keeping important items, such as tote-boxes, protected and in place. Our security cable ties come in the colors green, blue and red.