I just received my latest order from you.  It is fantastic.  The best yet!  I realize that my instructions may be a little bit of a pain to follow, but quality printed shrink tube is critical for my company to produce a good product.  

I can see that your production people took their time and paid attention to these.  They really are perfect.  Please pass along my thank you to your production crew!


Kent M.

Kent M.

Zip N Grip™ Cable Tie Retail Packs

New!  Individual Packs for Resale

  • Miniature Cable Ties (18 lb.) Lengths:  4", 5", 8" 
  • Intermediate Cable Ties (40 lb.) Lengths: 5", 8"
  • Standard Cable Ties (50 lb.) Lengths: 7", 11", 14"
  • Heavy Duty Cable Ties (120 lb.) Lengths: 8", 14"
  • Extra Heavy Duty Cable Ties (175lb.) Lengths: 24", 36"
  • Extra Heavy Duty Cable Ties (250lb.) Lengths: 40"
  • Mounted Head Cable Ties (50 lb.) Length:  7"

Assorted Cable Tie Kits (500 pieces each):

  • NP-PP-1 (Colors)
  • NP-PP-2 (Natural & Black)

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