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Custom Hot Stamping/Custom Packaging

Custom Hot Stamping/Custom Packaging

Whether you are looking for your company logo on your wiring accessories such as cable ID ties or you need custom packaging, Nelco Products has the perfect solution for you.

Our custom hot stamping program can print just about anything you need on our products. From your company logo to part numbers, it can be done by our print shop. If you have camera ready art work available, we can put it on a cable tie, marker tie, or our nylon identification tags. 

If you resell pre-​packaged wiring accessories or give them to customers as gifts, Nelco Products can create your packaging for you for any of the products that Nelco Products carries. We can custom print your name, address, company logo, part number, or whatever you want on the labels and put the packaging together. We can also package products to meet specific assembly, inventory control, distributor, and point-​of- sale requirements.

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