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Insulation Displacement Connectors (Quick Splice Connectors)

Insulation Displacement Connectors (Quick Splice Connectors)

These versatile, highly reliable insulation displacement connectors, also referred to as quick splice connectors, offer an easy, time-​saving solution for connecting wires in a broad range of everyday applications.

How to install Quick Splice Connectors

To install, simply squeeze the connector into place, with no stripping or twisting required! This adds convenience and limits tools needed. The unique "U" contact offered by these durable insulation displacement connectors allows for a strong, dependable electrical connection every time! For your convenience, Nelco Products offers the wire connectors in three different AWG size ranges: red (22-​18), blue (18-16), and yellow (12).

  • A "live spring" joint is made by driving the "U" contact down into the insulation displacement connector.
  • As the "U" contact is pressed into the splice connector, it grasps conductors as it displaces insulation.
  • The contact grips the conductor and holds with a firm, resilient pressure.

These Quick Splice Connectors meet the specific needs of a vast range of applications including fluorescent ballast installation and replacement, fixture and appliance wiring, automotive and marine wiring, control circuit wiring, and beyond!  Available in packages of 100 or in a bulk packages of 1,000 single size connector!  They are available in packages of 100 or in a bulk packages of 1,000 single size connectors.

To view the additional products Nelco provides, such as wire and cable accessories, or for information on how to order, see below.

How to Order wire connectors

Choose the AWG size and the amount needed and then click “Add to Quote Cart” to add the product to your RFQ cart. For more product information, please click on the product name or the "More Details" link, to see the product details. To submit your RFQ, click on the Cart icon and then “Submit Quote Request”. If you have additional questions, call 1-​800-​505-​6352 and a one of our highly trained customer service specialists will assist you. Once your order is approved, our fully stocked warehouses will ship your order correctly and quickly to place of business or home.

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