I just received my latest order from you.  It is fantastic.  The best yet!  I realize that my instructions may be a little bit of a pain to follow, but quality printed shrink tube is critical for my company to produce a good product.  

I can see that your production people took their time and paid attention to these.  They really are perfect.  Please pass along my thank you to your production crew!


Kent M.

Kent M.

Wire Crimpers

Wire Crimpers

Nelco Products's ratcheting wire crimpers are an essential tool for every electrician or anyone planning any kind of electrical wiring project. Having a high quality, reliable set of wire crimpers for your home or workplace is a must! Not only will the right wire crimping tool add effectiveness and efficiency, it will also help to ensure worker safety. Our current selection of durable, top quality wire crimpers here at Nelco Products includes both ratchet controlled wire crimping tools, as well as a hand wire crimper tool for quick and simple wire termination in virtually any environment. Both types of wire crimp tools are ideal for a wide assortment of electrical wiring jobs, allowing you to strip wire insulation with ease, without the risk of causing any damage to the conductor. 

Please click on the product name (or the "More Details" link) to see the product details. Please click "Add to Quote Cart" to add a product to your RFQ.  Click on the Cart icon and then “Submit Quote Request” to submit your RFQ.  If you have additional questions, call 1-​800-​505-​6352.

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