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Snap Spade (Locking Fork) Terminals

Snap Spade (Locking Fork) Terminals

Snap Spade (Locking Fork) Terminals:

The spring-​like tongue locks in place around the terminal block stud even when the mount screw is not tightened. Extra force is required to move these spade terminals from the stud. These snap spade terminals come in a variety of options. They are available in a stud size of 1/4, 4, 6, 8, and 10, and a wire range of 12-​10, 16-​14, and 20-​18. The locking fork terminals are available in packages of 100 or 1000 per package. Place an order for spade terminals and other electrical accessories, wire connectors, etc. with Nelco Products.

Non-Insulated Terminals
Vinyl Insulated Wire Terminals
Nylon Insulated Terminals
High Temp. Terminals

*Most of our terminals are UL listed and CSA certified (for exceptions, contact a Nelco Sales Representative at

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