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Male Quick Disconnects

Male Quick Disconnects

Male Quick Disconnects:

Male quick disconnects provide a fast, simple, and highly effective means of connecting to terminal blocks and boards with no additional tools required. These durable, exceptionally reliable quick male disconnects are offered in a vast assortment of styles and materials, to easily and efficiently meet the needs and requirements of virtually any electrical wiring application. Along with their corresponding female counterparts, male quick disconnects accommodate a range of 26-​10 AWG and come in red, blue, and yellow. This equipment is available in convenient packages of 100 or 1000. These male disconnects are available in non-​insulated, partially insulated, and fully insulated quick disconnect styles including vinyl insulated butted seam, nylon insulated with insulation grip, heat shrink nylon insulated, and high temperature butted seam options. Choose from quick male disconnects with a wide range of tab widths including .187 inch and .250 inch. For additional accessories and supplies by Nelco Products, or for price and shipping information, see below.

Non-Insulated Terminals
Vinyl Insulated Wire Terminals
Nylon Insulated Terminals
Heat Shrink Insulated Terminals
High Temp. Terminals

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