I was recently looking for a specialized product among many different websites.  My searches came up flat.  I emailed several companies, including Nelco Products to get some help.  The response I got from Nelco was exceptional.  They even took and sent photographs of a potential solution to my problem to clarify some of my questions.  Also, given the fact that my overall purchase was not going to be very large, I was impressed with the level of commitment Nelco Products had towards me.  This is a company dedicated to customer satisfaction, and their prices are competitive.

Jeff, Project Manager

Tubing & Hose Products


Liquid-tight Tubing & Fittings
We have a new non-metallic liquid-tight product offering!
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Meet the needs of virtually any application with the vast selection of superior quality plastic tubing and hose solutions available right here at Nelco Products!

From clear PVC tubing and reinforced plastic tube to PVC suction hose, silicon tubing, nylon tubing, rubber hose and Polyethylene plastic tubing-our tremendous inventory of versatile, durable, and highly reliable flexible plastic tube products are offered in a wide assortment of convenient sizes, colors and materials.

For more information and product specifications on any specific plastic hose or tubing solution, simply click on the corresponding link below to view additional details on that particular product. Plastic tubing and hose applications also usually require the use of fittings and/or clamps; so be sure to check out our our extensive selection!

Request a quote for plastic tubing now! If you have further questions on the clear plastic tube & reinforced plastic hoses available in our current inventory, contact a Nelco Products sales representative, or just give us a call toll-free at 800-505-6352.

View our Full eCatalog for more details on our tubing & hose products.

PVC Clear Plastic Tubing
Braid Reinforced Plastic
Clear PVC
Spiral Reinforce
PVC Suction
Nylobrade® Braid Reinforced HoseClearflo® Clear PVC Plastic TubingNewflex® Spiral Reinforced PVC Suction Hose

Silicone Nylon Polyethylene
Nylon Tube
Polyethylene Tubing
Silcon® TubingNylotube® Nylon TubingZelite® Nylon Tubing

To find out more about any of the clear plastic tubing & plastic hose solutions currently available here at Nelco Products, including shipping info, simply give us a call toll-free at 800-505-6352. A Nelco representative will be happy to provide you with current plastic tubing pricing & delivery information based upon your specific order requirements.

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