Please extend my thanks and praise to Kevin (and anyone else involved) for providing fantastic service to Captor Corporation!  Too often people are eager to complain so I would like your team to know how much we appreciate them along with Bill and Shayla.  I never expected that an order placed yesterday would ship today.  This takes a huge weight off my shoulders! Nelco is the type of company buyers’ love to work with and use as a primary supplier!  Again, thank you!

Karen Dusenbury

Shrink Tubing Ovens

Shrink Tubing Ovens

Reduce labor time up to 80% using heat shrink tube ovens vs. heat guns.  Flow-through ovens enable manufacturers to quickly shrink tubing on a large volume of harnesses. The ovens feature a conveyor belt (with pre-feed area), heater box and control panel. Ideal for applications using large quantities of heat shrink tubing or heat shrink wire markers, such as cable assembly houses, OEM's, military, and aerospace.

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  • Product Code: N-1509-2
  • Chamber Size : 27" L x 15" W x 9" H
  • Machine Size : 36" L x 27" W x 50" H
  • Max. Conveyor Speed : 98 FPM
  • Package Size : W (Max. 13") H (Max. 7")
  • Power Requirements : 220v / 1 PH/ 26 AMPS
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  • Product Code: N-1609-3
  • Chamber Size : 39" L x 16" W x 9" H
  • Machine Size : 47" L x 26" W x 51" H
  • Max. Conveyor Speed : 98 FPM
  • Package Size : W (Max. 14.5") H (Max. 9")
  • Power Requirements : 220v / 3 PH/ 28 AMPS
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  • Product Code: N-1712-4
  • Chamber Size : 48" L x 19" W x 12" H
  • Machine Size : 72" L x 27" W x 61" H
  • Power Requirements : 220v / 1 PH/ 48 AMPS or 3 PH/28 AMPS
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