I was recently looking for a specialized product among many different websites.  My searches came up flat.  I emailed several companies, including Nelco Products to get some help.  The response I got from Nelco was exceptional.  They even took and sent photographs of a potential solution to my problem to clarify some of my questions.  Also, given the fact that my overall purchase was not going to be very large, I was impressed with the level of commitment Nelco Products had towards me.  This is a company dedicated to customer satisfaction, and their prices are competitive.

Jeff, Project Manager

Adhesive Heat Shrinkable Insulation Tape

Adhesive Heat Shrinkable Insulation Tape

Adhesive Heat Shrink Insulation Tape can be used for repairing electrical wires, tubing, and other similar items. When heated to above 100°C (212°F), this tape will shrink to more than 30% of its original size, providing a waterproof repair for your chosen component. This adhesive insulation tape also provides protection against corrosion.


Key Features: 

  • Constructed with cross-linked polyolefin and an environmentally-friendly heat melted adhesive.
  • Continuous operating temperature: -55°C to 105°C (-67°F to 221°F).

Useful Applications:

  • Partial repair of cable protective layers suffering mechanical, heat, or corrosive damage, as well as insulation breakages caused by organic solvents.
  • Waterproofing treatment at the ends of protective sleeves covering power cable joints.
  • Anti-corrosion and pipe sealing.
  • Insulation of bus bars in switchgear boards and power stations.

We offer a variety of tools and accessories for both commercial and industrial wiring systems, including heat shrink wrap.  For more information about our products call us at 1-800-505-6352.

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  • Product Code: WRSJD-II
  • Length : 25 feet
  • Width : 1" (25 mm)
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