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Heat Shrink Molded Shapes

Heat Shrink Molded Shapes

Nelco Products carries a wide selection of heat shrink tubing in over 20 molded shapes from right-angle to the double-​T shape. This molded shape tubing is great for use in electrical and cable wire harnessing applications, when a special fit is desired. They are also perfect for marine, aerospace, and automotive applications. Each one of these shapes has a minimum shrink temperature of 135°C (275°F), and an operating temperature range of -55°C to 135°C (-67°F to 275°F), with variances depending on material selection and intended application.

For more detailed specification, view our helpful guide on heat shrink molded shapes.

Currently, Nelco Products does not offer these heat shrink molded shapes online. Speak with a sales engineer by calling 1-800-505-6352 and they will be happy to assist you with an order.


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