I was recently looking for a specialized product among many different websites.  My searches came up flat.  I emailed several companies, including Nelco Products to get some help.  The response I got from Nelco was exceptional.  They even took and sent photographs of a potential solution to my problem to clarify some of my questions.  Also, given the fact that my overall purchase was not going to be very large, I was impressed with the level of commitment Nelco Products had towards me.  This is a company dedicated to customer satisfaction, and their prices are competitive.

Jeff, Project Manager

Nelco™ Electrical Tape

Nelco™ Electrical Tape

Nelco Products carries a wide variety of electrical tape from 3M™ for use in a variety of different jobs. Our full inventory of electrical tape here at Nelco Products includes a large number of top quality options to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of all your electrical cable and wiring projects including colored electrical tape. From black electrical tape and colored vinyl electrical tape, to corrosion protection tapes and special use electric tape, including duct tape—we offer both convenient individual tape rolls, as well as larger cases containing 100 roles of assorted electrical tape each. Some of the electrical tape comes in a wide variety of colors. To see specific product details, which electrical tape colors are available, and recommended guidelines for all available electrical tapes, please reference our helpful Electric Tape Selection Guide.

If you would like to place an order or have further questions on the different varieties of tape Nelco Products carries in our current inventory, email a Nelco Products sales representative, or just give us a call toll-free at 800-505-6352.

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