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Restricted Bundle Cable Ties

Restricted Bundle Cable Ties

Restricted Bundle Cable Ties (Tote-Box):

These exceptionally durable, highly reliable fixed loop cable ties make it quick and easy to ensure the safety and security of your tote box tools and supplies at all times! Each of these restricted bundle tie accessories is tamper evident and specifically designed to form a fixed loop to prevent tote box damage. Like always, Nelco Products strives to provide a high level of protection and safety that you can always count on!

These black 5” restricted fixed loop cable ties have a minimum loop tensile of 40 lbs., and are available in convenient package quantities of 100 or 1000. For more information on shipping our electrical products, please see below.

Cable Tie Specifications 
Military Specifications 
Interpreting Cable Tie Part Numbers

*All our cable ties are UL Recognized.

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  • Product Code: N-5-30TB
  • Bundle Diameter : 2-1/32 - 1-1/4
  • Length (inch/mm) : 5.60 inch 142.00 mm
  • Min. Loop Tensile : 30 lb.
  • Width : .13 inch 3.3 mm
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