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Low Profile Mount

Low Profile Mount

Low Profile Mount:

Our top low profile mounts are designed to secure wire bundles where space is limited. When used with drywall screws or similar type screws, the screw will not stick out giving you a secure, flush mount. Each low profile mount is useable with all our cable ties from the Miniature (18 lb.) through Standard (50 lb.) size. Available in natural, you can purchase these low profile wall mounts in packages of either 100 or 1000 per.


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  • Product Code: LPM
  • Height : .12 inch 3.1 mm
  • Length : .733 inch 18.6 mm
  • Mounting Method : #8 Flat head
  • Slot Height : .225 inch 5.72 mm
  • Slot Width : .3 inch 7.12 mm
  • Width : .487 inch 12.13 mm
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