I was recently looking for a specialized product among many different websites.  My searches came up flat.  I emailed several companies, including Nelco Products to get some help.  The response I got from Nelco was exceptional.  They even took and sent photographs of a potential solution to my problem to clarify some of my questions.  Also, given the fact that my overall purchase was not going to be very large, I was impressed with the level of commitment Nelco Products had towards me.  This is a company dedicated to customer satisfaction, and their prices are competitive.

Jeff, Project Manager

Cable Tie Tools

Cable Tie Tools

Cable ties, also known as zip ties are used extensively in construction, industrial and electrical wiring jobs to bundle wires and cables together. When you have a large job to do, having the right tools makes the job easier and quicker thus saving time and money. The cable tie installation and tension tools that Nelco Products carry can help you with the installation and the removal of zip ties. Each of the tools that Nelco Products carries is made from the highest quality products ensuring that the tools you purchase will last a long time, again saving you money. Each of the solutions that is carried provides help with each of the different types of cable ties Nelco Products carries from extra heavy duty cable ties to light weight zip ties. 

These tools help with the not only the installation but with the tension of the tie and in the end, they will cut the excess strap off the end.  This also saves the installer's hands from having to touch the ties once they are installed in the tools so it provides a measure of safety as well.

For more information or to order, please click on the product name (or the "More Details" link) to see the product details. To order, enter the amount desired and click "Add to Quote Cart" to add a product to your RFQ. Click on the Cart icon and then “Submit Quote Request” to submit your RFQ to begin your order. If you have additional questions, call 1-​800-​505-​6352 and a customer service representative will be more than happy to assist you.

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  • Product Code: N-500
  • For Use With : Up to 250 lb. cable ties
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  • Product Code: N-8007
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