Think you have no use for braided expandable sleeving? Think again!

braided expandable sleeving
braided expandable sleeving

Whether you’re a professional electrician or a do-it-yourself homeowner, braided expandable sleeving is an exceptionally versatile cable and wire sleeve solution perfect for use in a wide assortment of electrical wiring projects both around the house and on the job site!

Regardless of the application, expandable braided sleeving is simple to utilize virtually anywhere, providing wires of all types and sizes with a superior, unbeatable level of protection against heat and moisture, even in the hottest and most extreme environments. (Easily withstanding constant temps of up to 125°c!)

One of the strongest, most durable wire protection solutions available, braided expandable sleeving is made by tightly braiding ultra-heavy-duty polyester monofilaments into one singular, virtually indestructible tubular sleeve. Offered in a tremendous range of sizes and colors, making it perfect for color-coded wire identification, expandable sleeve is most commonly used to effectively jacket and protect wire components, cable assemblies, wire harnesses, as well as a variety of other commonly used industrial tubes and hoses.

With our fully-stocked inventory of top quality braided expandable sleeving here at Nelco Products, we are certain to have just what you need to meet the unique needs of just about any project, of any size. Have questions about expandable sleeve or which sleeving solution is right for you? Feel free to contact us at any time!